Sing An Alexander Silver Song

A quick one today (no, I’m not having a go at the Who), but a goodie no less and a timely follow up to last week’s post I Want a Lovely, Lovely Sausage and Come to Robertson’s by Silver’s People.

Today I bring you the only other known recording on the Alexander Silver label, the David Kaye Sound’s Lorelei backed with Sing An Alexander Silver Song, both written by our friend Alexander Silver.

What becomes obvious as soon as A-side starts is that my earlier assumption, that the lead vocalist of Silver’s People was Alex Silver himself, was wrong. Clearly the vocalist on all four tracks is one and the same, leading me to the inevitable conclusion that he is (or was) in fact David Kaye. Not that that information helps us in any way: there’s no information anywhere on who David Kaye was nor why he thought he was suited to a career in music.

As with the earlier release, there is no clue as to when the disc was issued or indeed no information about the other members of the David Kaye Sound – a woefully inept female backing singer who cannot pronounce the simple phrase ‘higgledy-piggledy’ (instead constantly rendering it ‘higgledy-picklety’), plus a guitarist, bassist and drummer. Each one of them sounds about as competent as the useless musicians employed by song-poem label Tin Pan Alley in the 1970s (although, god love him, the drummer does attempt to exhibit some prowess by trying a solo on the flip side). The matrix gives nothing away either. As usual, if you have any info please do tell! 


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