Episode Two

If you missed the second episode of the World's Worst Records Radio Show fret not, for you can stream the programme any time you want from the pop-up player HERE

Some of you will no doubt be aware that we're having a few problems with Facebook - the network has suddenly decided, with no warning and no reason - to block any and all links to this blog. If you rely on Facebook to alert you when a new post goes live, until I manage to get this fixed (and find out what heinous crime I've committed) there's a good chance you'll miss something. My suggestion is that you either follow me (@dwbullock) on Twitter or that you simply check in here every Friday after 10am (UK time) or so. I'll still post updates on Facebook, but for now, they will not link directly to the blog.

There will be a new post tomorrow, so stay tuned... and thank you all for the support.

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